Pu-erh Tea

Puerh is the Ancient Ancestor of All Tea, and grows only in one place on the planet – Southwestern (Yunnan) China. It is historically a large leaf variety of Tea that grows as a TREE, some of which even exist today as 1000+ year-old wise elders still offering up their leaves to humanity.  Many Puerh trees 300-800 years-old are regularly harvested in Yunnan.   The majority of authentic Puerh in the mainstream market comes from thousands of trees under 200 years of age.

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Yixing Ware

Yixing - pronounced “Yee-Sheeng”- wares (i.e. tea pots, etc) have been in use since the Song Dynasty, but became well known in the Ming Dynasty for its unique mineral-rich properties when - used as unglazed wares - they were heralded as adding a new quality to tea drinking. Since these wares are unglazed, tea oils (flavors & aromas) are absorbed into the clay and therefore can enhance a tea considerably. 

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