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{To make an appointment simply click on the "CONTACT" page button at the main menu of this website, fill out the information requested and hit "send".   Please note: we do not operate with the use of cell phones or by text.  We communicate via email and by actual voice telephone calls.}  

Tea Room (Spring) Jade Valley


MJ Greenmountain has been studying the various Arts of Tea for 22 years, and engaging in Tea as a Way for just as long.  His sittings offer a rare glimpse into the world of "tea scholars" and traditional practitioners, where attention to important details are adhered to, and a sense of depth and authenticity pervade the tea space. His sharings are heart-centered and often accentuated with anecdotal stories, poems, and tea history. They're inspired and meditative experiences. He serves tea with deep intention, yet meets guests where there are at in their own journey on the “tea path”, and helps people to feel relaxed and comfortable, encouraging guests to feel as if “on vacation” and not needing to worry about strict formalities. Though his work and study in Zen practices permeate his tea and personal demeanor, his presentation of tea is accessible to all.

All tea service is conducted in a stand-alone private teahouse on the Jade Valley property. Service includes use of incense, music, hand-drawn mountain spring water, and all tea is from MJ’s private collection originating from Taiwan, Japan, and China.

In all cases, these are uninterrupted experiences that are cell phone and gadget free, with no unannounced drop in’s or phone calls.  Guests can enjoy the resonance of the space with ease and comfort, without distractions, amidst the very private, pristine beauty and quietude of the Jade Valley location (one hour from Sacramento, 1.2 hours from Sac airport -SMF- and 2.5 hours from SF Bay Area). Located in Nevada City, just 5 minutes from Briar Patch Food Co-op, 8 minutes from downtown Nevada City.

6 Guest maximum unless otherwise stated or arranged.


I  Entry Level Tasting 
2 person minimum • $30ea (or one person=$50)
one hour 

II   Initiate 
2 person minimum • $45ea (or one person =$75)
1.5 hours  

III  Tea Lover 
2 > 4 Guests • $70ea (or one person = $100)
1.5 hours+ 

VI   Serious Student 
2 > 4 guests• $110ea (or one person = $140)  
2 hours+

V    Advanced  
2 > 4 guests• $160ea (or one person = $200)
2.5 hrs+ simple japanese meal 

VI   Learned Practitioner
2 > 4 guests • $300ea (two person absolute minimum)
3 hrs • 3 course traditional japanese meal                                                                

VII  Old Tea Monk
One person • free
No time limit subject to qualification

Service Range: 

Quality and rarity of tea advance each level. All tea wares used are fine antiques, also which advance to more refined and rarer items accordingly. 

GROUP RATES are available for events and special occasions.  GIFT CERTIFICATES also available for Tea ceremony at our location or for a catered session.  Please inquire for pricing.

MJ pouring Puerh Tea

MJ pouring Puerh Tea

**PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT CATERING TO YOUR LOCATION/EVENT.  This is a very unique offering that can add an outstanding element to your event or celebration.

All Water used are personally hand-drawn Mountain Spring Water from local Sierra Nevada sources by MJ; this may also include Mt. Shasta water drawn from the Spring at the headwaters, when available.

Teas served are taken from the Jade Mountain Tea selections, as well as MJ’s own Private Tea Collection, which he has built over 15 years of sourcing, travel, and personal connections.  In the more advanced sittings, only Private Teas from this collection would be accessed.  Some of these Teas are the rarest of rare, and, in many cases, no longer available and/or sourced from other private collections and auctions.

For higher level sittings, vegetarian Japanese Cuisine will be prepared and served by Hiroko, MJ’s wife, who is a Professional Chef, trained and certified in Japan, and a practitioner of “SHOJIN RIORI” (Japanese Monk Food Preparation).