The Heart of Tea


Our Commitment to Quality

Jade Summit is a place where people come to experience Tea Culture.  The store front offers a high-end, focused selection of whole-leaf Teas and a hand-picked,  hard-to-find antique Asian Tea ware collection rarely seen anywhere.  Here, the inexperienced can be introduced to Tea in a simple framework that is 100% accessible.  And experienced Tea Lovers elicit gasps of delight upon entering our shop – as we are dedicated to the highest standards for Tea and wares – something not often found in the exploding world of Tea.  For those who’ve only known ‘tea bags’ as the representative of Tea Culture, here is where you can connect to a surprising world full of Discoveries and Treasures.

Jade Summit sources the highest level of traditionally grown, hand production Tea from China, Japan and Taiwan, and we’re connecting with Tea farmers and producers directly to ensure quality and purity with a specific set of initial filters:  100% chemical-free, hand production & clean storage.

Our Puerh selection is exceptional, having many rare vintages and productions, and our China and Taiwan Oolongs and Red Tea (‘Black’) are superior.  We also have a limited selection of clean & fully ORGANIC Japan Green Tea to satisfy those who have been concerned about currently grown Japanese Tea (see blog posting on this topic).

Jade Summit’s authentic Asian antique ceramic Tea Wares and Tea Room Art collection is one of the most precious and unique of it’s kind on the West Coast.  With a modest collection ranging several hundred pieces, each to be found in pristine condition and 100% utilitarian, these are amazing works of Art – worthy of display in the most focal point of any home or Tea Room.  Many of these are museum quality, virtually impossible to find let alone available for purchase.

At the core of Jade Summit is the Love for the Ancient Tea Arts and Traditions. We share the practice of sitting with Tea, as well its deep history and diverse culture with a growing community of Tea Lovers, devoted to sitting regularly to share of Beauty and Medicine that Tea has to offer.  This is a 5000- year-old tradition and culture.  It is greatly beneficial to anyone who sincerely engages with it.   After all, the Ancients didn’t refer to Tea as an Elixir of Immortality for nothing.

Whether novice or seasoned Tea drinker, we cater to all budget levels or points of interest, and assist people with their Tea needs and discoveries.   Please come visit us.